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Bräunen, frisch gepressten Orangensaft trinken, einen Snack essen und weiter bräunen war so ziemlich das was wir die meiste Zeit in unserem Urlaub gemacht haben. Rhodos bietet sich dazu aber auch wirklich an und verzaubert mit seinen wunderschönen Stränden, dem traumhaften Wetter und einem spiegelglatten Meer. 
Bei einer doch verhältnismäßig großen Insel hielt es uns selbstverständlich nicht an einem Strand in den ganzen zwei Wochen, deshalb möchte ich mit euch meinen Strand-Guide rund um die ganze Insel teilen. 

Tanning, drining fresh orange juice, eating a snack and keeping on tanning was about our everyday activity during our stay in Rhodes. The island offers a lot of beautiful beaches, amazing weather and the warm sea with small waves. 
Because Rhodes is quite big, we just couldn't be satisfied with visiting only one beach. So we drove around the island and discovered the most amazing places to stay. 


 Best place for young people to enjoy the amazing weather during summer in Rhodes. The beach is connected to a small beach bar with the most delicious orange juice (tip: you can add aloe vera to your juice. It is healthy and SO delicious!)
At the beach you listen to some chill out music from the beach bar while lying on your sunbed (8€/day - two sunbeds and one umbrella). My mum and I went there twice. There aren't many people so you can enjoy a very private and calm atmosphere to relax. I highly recommend it! 


The beach near our hotel. Also only view visitors for september and an amazing atmosphere, especially in the morning and the evening (as you might have noticed from the picture). 
On some days my mum and I went to the beach at 8 am for a morning swim and it was amazing. The water was quite warm and there were only very very small waves so it was perfect for swimming. In the evening, the sun went down behind the mountains and the light was just breathtaking. 
For two sunbeds and an umbrella at the Lindian Jewel area at Vlicha Beach you pay 8€, but you will get two bottles of cold water for free as well. 


We went there the second day and we really loved it. There are two parts of Kiotari Beach. On the left side, where we chose to go, there were only 11 umbrellas (7€/day), so again it was a very private atmosphere. On the other side the beach was a little bit longer, I would guess about 20 to 25 umbrellas were standing there. 
A special feature of Kiotari Beach is definitely the long promenade of delicious restaurants. We went to our new favourite: Pelekan's Nest
The owner of this restaurant has only few sorts of fish, meat or vegetarian dishes, but you can be sure the food is fresh and absolutely delicious! He manages the restaurant all on his own and he does it in a fantastic way. If you visit Kiotari Beach, you have got to visit him as well. 


At Limni Beach (in the south-west of Rhodes) we had to see some clouds for the first time in our holiday. The beach was the first whole sand beach we had and it was amazing. As much as I love stones on the beach, because it does not cause that much dirt on your clothes and shoes, I must say I really enjoyed walking with bare feet on the warm sand. 
You can walk there for hours, because as you can see it looks like a never-ending beach. 
You do not have to buy for an umbrella, because the weather in the south is often cloudy and the sand is quite comfy. 
The waves are a little bit higher, than in the east, but it was fine as well.


We didn't actually lay down on a sunbed or went swimming at Tsambika Beach, but we visited it on our way to Rhodes, the town. 
Tsambika is a larger beach, I would say more for younger people. There are a lot of beach bars and many possibilities for water sports or other activities. 
Even in the end of september there was quite a lot of traffic here, but one always could find some empty sunbeds. 
At Tsambika Beach it is a little bit louder (from the bars and the amount of people), but not disturbing at all. One can definitely spend their day here. 

Tatsächlich habe ich euch noch einen Strand vorenthalten - und zwar meinen absoluten Lieblingsstrand. Dieser ist so wunderbar, dass ich ihm einen Extrapost widmen muss. In zwei Tagen wisst ihr mehr ;-) 

Actually there is another beautiful BEAUTIFUL beach, but it definitely deserves its own blogpost. Stay tuned, the article about my favourite beach in Rhodes will be up on the blog in two days ;-) 

Love, B. 

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